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Customer Name:  ________________________________________________________

Customer Phone Number:  _________________________________________________

Chuck Section:_______________________Regular Roasts?  _____________________
                                      (Steaks, Roasts, or GM)          (Rump, Tip, Sirloin Tip, Shoulder)

Short Ribs?  _________________________       Boneless Stew?  _____________________
              (GM if no ribs)                           (GM if no Stew)

Thickness of Steaks?  __________________________
                                                           (Average is 3/4 inch Thick)

Below Please Circle One Per Line

Round Steaks?  _____________________________________________
(Thickness & Tenderized  or NOT)  To Tenderize the RS, the thickness will be 1/2 inch.

HOW MANY STEAKS PER PACK?  ________________________________________

HOW MANY POUNDS OF GROUND MEAT PER PACK?  ________________________
           Sirloins     or    Ground Meat

Rib Eyes   or   Rib Steaks

T-Bones    or   Filets Mignon & Strips
(Filets will be small on Cattle Smaller than 500 lbs.)

Boneless Brisket    or    Ground Meat