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Do I get my meat back?
YES!  -  We pride ourselves on this principle.  We process one animal at a time.
Each customer's meat is kept separate from start to finish.  We would be more than 
happy to show you our process.

What is the difference between fresh, smoked, and stuffed only sausage?
Fresh Sausage--is like ground meat.  It is NOT in a casing.
Smoked Sausage--is fresh sausage in a casing(links) which has been smoked.
Stuffed Only Sausage--is fresh sausage in a casing which has NOT BEEN SMOKED

Why are casings tough on sausage sometimes?
First, this is a natural product therefore there will be variations from animal to animal.
Second, the way in which it is cooked and the amount of pork affect the tenderness
of the casing.  The drier the product is the tougher the casing tends to be.

How long can I leave my meat with you before picking it up?
Your meat needs to be picked up within 2 - 3 days after notification.  We have limited 
space and turnover is crucial to receiving more meat the following week.
If your order in not picked up in a timely fashion, we are forced to add an additional
fee for storage.

How long does a cow need to hang for aging?
Usually 10 to 14 days, depending on size of beef and fat coverage on animal carcasss.
Pork does not require ageing--only cooling before processing.

Do you have sausage without MSG?
Yes, we have a seasoning with no MSG.

Why is jalapeno and cheese sausage hotter sometimes than others?
Different jalapenos have different degrees of heat.  It is difficult for us to determine
when making your sausage.

How long will smoked sausage last in cooler/ freezer?
In cooler-- 2 weeks -- Vacuum Packed
In freezer-- 1 year -- Vacuum Packed

How long does meat last in freezer paper?
1 year -- but I have seen some last longer.

What is best mixture ratio for sausage?
50% Pork to 50% Deer         OR        60% Pork to 40% Deer

Is smoked sausage  fully cooked?

Do I have to dress animal out?
Deer and Wild Pigs have to be skinned and gutted before delivery.
No hair, dirt or any other foreign material should be visible on meat.
Cows and domesticated pigs must be live for slaughter.

Do I leave my ice chest?
No - we have pans for your use when you arrive.

Does Fortenberry's ship?
We currently only ship non-perishable items.

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