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Fortenberry’s Custom Slaughter Plant of Henleyfield, MS was founded by Ben and Mary Fortenberry in 1957. 

Ben, the butcher, was raised in a slaughterhouse and learned his trade from his father and older brother. The first plant 

that was built was right next to the family’s farmhouse on Quitman Perry Road. Ben would pickup the animals to be 

slaughtered with his pickup truck while Mary was wrapping and labeling all the meat cuts by hand. This plant burned 

down in 1965, and new plant was built off of Highway 43 North.

Ben and Mary were blessed with four children. Ricky, James, Laurie, and Lydia were all raised in and around the

slaughterhouse. Ricky, the oldest, was hauling cattle and learning how to butcher at twelve years old, while James was 

learning how to slaughter and make sausage. Ben and Mary ran the business side by side for 21 years until Ben passed 

away suddenly and it was left for Mary and the children to run.

Over the years new machines and technology came into practice at the plant and the family decided to add a small 

grocery store onto the front of the building on Highway 43. They began by offering fresh meat cuts, country smoked 

sausage, and frozen vegetables. All the while, the wild game processing was booming with the influx of hunters in the 

area. In the mid nineties, Ricky began smoking a wide variety of meats on a homemade grill, and began selling barbecue 

on Saturdays. The business was then forming into the company that it is today.

Mary continued to work alongside both of her sons until she retired in 1991. Ricky and his family run the business 

today. His daughters and a strong staff help the business thrive, by ensuring that only quality products and services are 

offered.  So if you are ever passing through our parts, please stop by for some good food and friendly smiles.

The Fortenberry Family

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