Animal must be skinned, cleaned, and quartered.  There can be no hair, leaves, feces, or foreign objects visible
    on the meat.

    Deer Meat and Wild Pork WILL ONLY BE RECEIVED:

    Meat is received at the back- there is a loading dock.  Pans will be provided to put your meat in
    for processing.  (We Do Not keep your ice chest!)

    After your meat has been put into pans, your order for processing will be taken.
    You can print out the processing form here.

               Each flavor/batch of smoked sausage must be at least 25 lbs.
1.  12.5 lbs of deer with 12.5 lbs of pork added to make a 50/50 batch
2.  15 lbs of deer with 10 lbs of pork added to make a 60/40 batch
3.  25 lbs of your meat to make a batch


         ROASTS - Hind quarters make better roasts and round steaks.  We can also tenderize your
                       round steaks.

         BACKSTRAP - Sliced, Leave Whole, or Cut into Sections
               ** Be sure to tell us if you want your backstrap,
                                     otherwise we will put it into Ground Meat or Sausage**

         SHOULDERS - Steaks, Roasts, Ground Meat, or Sausage.

         RIBS - Not alot of meat - better off boning out.

         NECK - Some people like roasts, we suggest ground meat or smoked sausage.

         TRIMMINGS- Ground Meat or Sausage

         Ground Meat - You can add anything you like.  We suggest beef fat at no charge.
                                You can also add chuck, brisket, bacon, or pork. All at market price.

         Sausage:  We make a variety of different flavors. All types and prices listed on the sausage pricing page


                                                Fresh Sausage - add pork - either 50/50 or 60/40 (deer/pork)
                                                This is just ground with seasoning added, wrapped in freezer paper.

                                                 Smoked Sausage - add pork - either 50/50 or 60/40 (deer/pork)
                                                 About 85-90% cooked, vacuum sealed, 4 links to a pack.

                                                 Stuff Only Sausage - add pork - either 50/50 or 60/40 (deer/pork)
                                                 This is link sausage which is not smoked. It is raw, 4 links wrapped in freezer paper.


   Monday thru Friday from 6:30AM - 4:00PM

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